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In an old building in the Malasaña neighborhood something lies deeper ... A door opens to welcome you and will close behind youOnce inside, you can trust in your wits to get out within sixty minutes; physical force will not help at all here. In this forsaken place lies a conundrum that you will have to decipher. Yes, this place catchy, but not just metaphorically ...

ParaPark is the new and mysterious game everyone is talking aboutIn ParaPark the teamwork will be essential: in a minimum of two and a maximum of five people group you will have to prove your worthy, and have to work together to find a way out by solving puzzles, logogriphs, riddles and puzzles again and again. Each object that you see is a clue that you should analyze in great detail. On a screen, the countdown will show you how much time you have left. Do you think you are able to find the way out? 

Prove it by resolving each and every arcane vicissitudes we suggest ... only then you will be free again.

"Abandon all hope ye who enter here."
Dante Alighieri, The Divine Comedy


We are looking forward you with locked gates, if ...

The doors are always locked in ParaPark. They open only to let you enter and solve the mystery, which will give you back your precious freedom.

In ParaPark the teamwork is essential, so the games are held for groups of 2 to 5 people. Without the merger of a team, one person would never be able to solve the mysteryMore than 5 people ... it is simply impossible for physical reasons.
We are proud to inform you that the thrill of ParaPark lies not in spooky lighting effects or sound that will test the pacemaker of the participants. Do not expect big and scary surprises with blood, no one will appear suddenly behind the corner ... The level of adrenaline raises during the search in the game by putting together the pieces untill everything fits and makes sense.



This experience, coupled with the unique ability to develop the most authentic teamwork, will be absolutely unforgettable. So do not fear for your delicate little heartsParaPark is suitable for all audiences. Of course, for practical reasons, due to intellectual (supposedly)maturity acquired over time, only those who over 14 years can participate in our adventure. Other than that, anyone can enjoy ParaPark, although under 16 should always have at least one adult teammate.
If there are parents, guardians, teachers or HR managers who are concerned about the physical and / or intellectual property of a participant in particular and would like to contact us: we are more than willing to convince them that the experience will be positive and ...